Tuesday, November 25, 2008

826 Boston Auction

In collaboration with 826 Boston, over two hundred broadsides have been pressed and painted by 40 plus artists and Rope-a-Dope Press and will be auctioned at The Robert Klein Gallery on December 12th. For further details click here.
Artists include:
Scott Chasse, Vanessa Irzyk, Jessica Hess, Nick Colen, Dave Eggars, Chris Reid, Rovert daVies, Kristen Mills, Casey Bell, Amanda McCorkle, Two-Trick Pony, Jeff Badger, Tricia Grey, Catherine Bourassa H├ębert, Brian Carmen, and many more...

Yellow Pages

These one-of-a-kind books were designed and created by local artists and sold at The Speech Acts Exhibition at The Dudley House. Proceeds of the sales were used to support Sarita Cartonera, a literacy press founded in Lima, Peru.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Speech Acts:

Rope-a-Dope Press will be exhibiting a number of works at The Dudley House at Harvard University on April 3rd including book covers from an ongoing collaboration with Sarita Cartonera, whose beautifully crafted one of kind books will also be displayed. Opening night gala starts at 8pm. For more information, check out Dudley House.